Come into my parlor
said the spider to the fly
Come into my parlor
and we’ll both get high

But that’s a fuzzy trap
the timid fly replied.
It’s in your fuzzy parlor
that flies like me have died.

But that was before pot
you silly little thing.
What was a trap before
is now a groovy fling

©Floyd Salas, 2017

Floyd Salas, a 1984 BAWP-fellow, is an award-winning author of ten published books, including Tattoo the Wicked Cross, which earned a place on the San Francisco Chronicle‘s Western 100 List of Best 20th Century Fiction, and is also featured, along with his memoir Buffalo Nickel, in Masterpieces of Hispanic Literature. His manuscripts and papers are archived in the Bancroft Library.

One Response to “The Spider to the Fly by Floyd Salas”

  1. Ah–and this is the way it works,yes. What was a trap before starts looking like a groovy thing…oh my! P.S. to Evan – that’s a wonderful image — a swan sculpture???

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