©Warren Bellows, 2016

  tankas from “Moments with Madge”
        an ongoing tribute    

cows cluster
under the live oak
It is enough
the nearness
of each other

after the first rain
the hills are
achingly green
I shut my eyes
acutely alone.

waves of quiet
weariness sweep through
the redwood trees
I sigh into their
immovable weight

©Fran Claggett, 2016

Fran Claggett was a BAWP Fellow in the summer of 1977 and led a number of Open BAWP Sessions in subsequent summers. She also led innumerable BAWP workshops over the years. Her UCB monograph “Balancing the Hemispheres” (with Gabriele Lusser Rico) was the forerunner of a number of Fran’s books, many using metaphorical graphics to enhance the teaching of reading and writing. Her latest volume of poetry is “Crow Crossings: Poems and Prose.” Since the 2014 death of Madge Holland, her spouse (and partner of 55 years) Fran has devoted herself to writing, to teaching in the OLLI program at Sonoma State University, and, most recently, to editing a poetry anthology, Stolen Light, for the Redwood Writers, a branch of the California Writers Club. A chapbook of poems entitled “Moments with Madge” is forthcoming.

One Response to “Stolen Light by Fran Claggett”

  1. wonderful to read this, Fran — thinking of you and Madge, and the “nearness of each other” how very ‘enough’ that was!

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