tureeda photo

Re-member when stars

Kissed your eyes?

You looked at me

Talked about the

Teapot Constellation in 77

Year of the Snake,

Same year that child was born

Remembering she had been here before

When she got old enough to explain it


Remember how she’d reach for her mama

Quick smooth like Orunomamu’s snake

Reacting to sudden gust of wind?


She’d move just like that


Real sensitive that child’s ARC knowledge tree

Could have birthed more like her in this world


Noah’s Ark deluge story drowned

Many sacred spines


But she made it

We made it

Chariot let us ride from other side

Of redeemers of dreams that




You wouldn’t know their names

More than we can count

Sealed in eternity’s wheel


This little light we shine

We let The Vine sign!


Who’s WE you ask?

Our cadres from lives past


Hear them?

We do

They got our BACK!


©Tureeda Mikell, 2019

Tureeda Mikell, Story Medicine Woman is a 1996 BAWP Fellow, award-winning poet, storyteller, writer, QiGong healer, Poets in the Schools instructor, has published 72 anthologies, is published nationally and internationally. Recent anthology contribution is: Civil Liberties, by East-West Publishers edited by Shizue Seigel, and soon to be published by Nomadic Press, Synchronicity: The Oracle of Sun Medicine, edited by Michaela Mullin, Ph.D.

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