Moments before the transfer of power,

the Donald explodes

a thousand tiny tic-tacs,

on the capitol lawn they mowed

God Itself manifests

All warm and sweet and shine

God shrugs and says,

It seemed like a gas at the time

Moments before the swearing in,

the Donald just laughs

It’s Shaggy of Scooby-doo

Pulling off his mask

Shaggy says,

Like, wow, man,

Hardee har har har

It was just a goof for Scoob

But then it went too far!

Moments before the Tabernacle

choir starts to soar

Ivanka jump up and shouts,

I can’t take this any more!

He rigged it all!

He bought the votes!

Why didn’t you bring him down?

Holy crap, really America?

Duped by an orange clown?

Then with tears streaming down,

she turns, all sad and tired

My kids need a future

I’m sorry, Daddy

You’re fired!

©Evan Nichols, 2017

Evan Nichols teaches reading and writing at Merritt College in Oakland, California. 

One Response to “One Can Always Dream by Evan Nichols”

  1. One can always dream, indeed! Lovely fantasy —

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