©Floyd Salas, 2013

©Floyd Salas, 2013

A Love Poem

I like great big pink
cement trucks
a pastel shade
by sacks & sacks
of powdery cement

& I like the concrete
that’s crusted
all around the hubcaps
& the spokes
of the wheels
& spattered
on the truck sides
& even around the mouth of the chute
at the back
though the driver washes it off
with a small hose
attached to the cement mixer
after he dumps each load

And I like the curve
of the great big cylinder
the way it sits
on end
behind the cab
& tips like a falling top
when it turns
the slush inside
the drum sound
when I beat it
with the sides of my fists

And I like the great big wheels
I like to feel
the treads
of the giant tires
with my hands
hook my fingers
into the deep grooves
& when I stretch my arms wide
rub the hollows of my palms
on the thick rubber edges

©Floyd Salas, 2013

Floyd Salas, a 1984 BAWP fellow, is an award-winning author of seven books, including the novels Tattoo the Wicked Cross, What Now My Love, Lay My Body on the Line, and State of Emergency, the memoir Buffalo Nickel, and two books of poetry, Color of My Living Heart and Love Bites: Poetry in Celebration of Dogs and Cats.  A long-time creative writer instructor at Foothill College, he has also taught at UC Berkeley (where he was 2002-2003 Regent’s Lecturer), San Francisco State, and San Quentin Prison. www.floydsalas.com

3 Responses to “Great Big Pink Cement Trucks by Floyd Salas”

  1. amomnextdoor Says:

    I love what this poem says about love, that love is looking so hard at something, and seeing/feeling all of it.

  2. Judy Bebelaar Says:

    What a fun poem, Floyd. I feel like a little kid, reading it.
    Judy Bebelaar

  3. Floyd, I love this poem, and loved hearing you read at the BAWP Expressions reading last week. It takes me back my own childhood love of those great, grinding machines my home town was so full of. And, pink, to boot! Yea!

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