©Mark Ali, 2012

Each day I am asked to trumpet
the clarion call to awaken the inert
My proclamations rarely meet urgency,
some shush me, others tune me out,
most say, “relax, everything in due time,”
they know my intent is to startle the masses;
opportunity is waning,
the sand in the hourglass fast falling,
the sun robust on the horizon
Some ignore my message, others
deaf to my appeal, most dismissing
my plea as noise; the masses are numb.
No matter, just as the perched cock crows,
I will thunder and lightning
It is my duty to stir,
it is my responsibility to open eyes,
it is my obligation to reveal day’s new light,
it is my mission to prevent sleep walking,
it is my honor to tell those slumbering

©Mark Ali, 2012

Mark Ali’s BAWPtismal was in 2009 where he was dunked in the still waters of the fountain/wishing well/reflecting pool outside of Tolman Hall in a Summer Institute hazing disguised as a “Brown Bag” lunch discussion – if he only knew! Ever since that moment he has been unable to remove those water stains from his backpack and brain; he was last seen ranting and raving about student voice and authentic writing opportunities somewhere in the Hayward Unified School District and abroad.  

One Response to “Entreaty by Mark Ali”

  1. Adela Says:

    It is, indeed, your call, which I share with you; in this we are comrades!

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