He studies leaves

Seeks missed trees of plants in strange lands

Longs to know what secrets they secrete

Journeys far to find their mystery

Visits Shaman who tells him

“Eat 1st leaf that leaves sacred tree at time of full moon

and you will remember”

Botanist listens.

Obedient, he bites, chews, swallows

his ticket back to earth’s womb

Soul’s windows close

He sways left right back and half circle

Descends into massive roots that spread in all directions

Dewy moistness fills olfactory

Swoons heart to beat louder and louder

Pulls him downward

Deep into fluid green

He breathes, swells contracts expands

Boom boom… boom boom…

Blood taps vessels veins

A voice speaks aloud saying,

“You monkeys know nothing, nothing, nothing”

His head lifts toward a light,

Eyelids open

Droplets rise

Tears leave his eyes.

©Tureeda Mikell, 2014

Tureeda Mikell, published nationally and internationally, enjoys word play, science, and the healing arts. She is a poet teacher, storyteller, songwriter and motivational speaker. 

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