Wall image

©Miles Epstein, 2015

WALT is just finishing putting wallpaper up on the wall.

WALT: All done for today, Henry.

HENRY: Thanks, Walt.

WALT: (inspecting the walls) You like the pattern?

HENRY: Mm-hm.

WALT: So, last night was good?

HENRY: Wasn’t bad.

WALT: Pretty busy?

HENRY: I kept myself active.

WALT: You ever think about going out?

HENRY: Why would I do that?

WALT: Dunno.  Just, just to get away from these four walls.

HENRY: And then what would you do?

WALT: There are other people who need wallpaper, Henry.

HENRY: Every day?

WALT: No, not every day.

HENRY: There you have it.  So, I’ll see you same time tomorrow?

WALT: Same time.  Enjoy.

HENRY: I’ll try.

WALT exits. HENRY begins climbing the walls.


©John Levine, 2015

JOHN LEVINE, TC 2000, teaches composition, public speaking, and dramatic writing at UC Berkeley. His one-act play “In the Open” will be presented in Manila, the Philippines, in Fall 2015. More info at johnlevineplaywright.com.

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