We ride ghostly caverns
Red iron silt
Navel to navel
Ship to shore
Sun light winds win
Tomb to womb
Womb to tomb
Moon tithe nine times
Parting waters in
House of hearts
Reed omnipotent breed
Breathes horns
Born blood memory
Records symphonies
Time without end
Fin feet feather deed seed
Living trust
Magnifying miracles
Hallowed names
That let us ride!


©Tureeda Mikell, 2019

           Tureeda Mikell, Story Medicine Woman is a 1996 BAWP Fellow, award-winning poet, storyteller, writer, QiGong healer, Poets in the Schools instructor, has published 72 anthologies, is published nationally and internationally. Recent anthology contribution is: Civil Liberties, by East-West Publishers edited by Shizue Seigel, and soon to be published by Nomadic Press, Synchronicity: The Oracle of Sun Medicine, edited by Michaela Mullin, Ph.D.

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