Kathy photo

photo ©Sheillagh Egan Dare, 2019


At twelve, he begged his father

to take in a game

just the two of them

in the lakeside bleachers

watching the pitcher warm up

this perfect day unfolding


A fastball

the crack of the bat

ringing in his ears

and someone calling his name


His brother

caught in deep water

struggling to stay afloat

called out to him,

his voice carried on the wind


Their mother,

aproned behind the kitchen door

daydreaming and

whistling an old song,

heard the screams too late


Dark clouds rolled in

as they pulled his brother from the water



A father gone deaf

a mother grown silent

a house of grief and blame


If only…


This would be their family story


©Kathy Moore, 2019


Kathy Moore, BAWP 2002, recently retired as Director of Instructional Services in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District. She continues to share her love of literacy as a book club facilitator and family literacy coach throughout the greater Bay Area. Kathy was the City of San Ramon’s Poet Laureate for 2012-2018; she teaches poetry writing workshops whenever she can. In addition to holding a Doctorate in Educational Leadership for Social Justice from CSUEB, Kathy holds an M.A. in Teacher Leadership from St. Mary’s and a B.A. in English Education from SUNY Albany.

One Response to “Lake Luzerne, 1939 by Kathy Moore”

  1. martywill Says:

    Wow! I love the sounds that accompany the tragedy, leaving the silence of grief. I don’t have a current email for you Kathy. Judy and I would love to schedule you to read at the monthly Expressions reading in 2020. ms.marty.will@gmail.com

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