©Marty Williams 2015

©Marty Williams 2015

When I hand our small plastic bag of garbage
to Willie, day-time groundskeeper at the rented
house in Limbe, Malawi, I suspect these remains
⎯cardboard juice boxes, banana peels, days old
stinky hardboiled eggs and recent shells⎯
are dumped onto the wide mound at the far end
of the yard, beyond where two billies and a nanny
tethered to different spots daily, keep the yard green low.

A huge ring, small piles regularly burned after Luis,
the red-coated she-dog, who protects the premises
with loud barks, has had her browse.

Today I watch Ida, the graceful housekeeper,
and her glide as she carries the bag across the yard.
She stops to give the darker billy the skin
of the banana from my breakfast oatmeal.

I leave tomorrow.

I might have done this all along, walked slowly
toward the burn pile, dispensing tidbits to the goats,
watching their heads bob, their little beards
tremble as they take in the good.

©Marty Williams, 2015

Marty Williams, poet and writing workshop leader, writes about her homeground, Alaska, where she grew up, and 46th Street, her Oakland, California, neighborhood. Marty can be reached about readings and workshops at ms.marty.will@gmail.com

2 Responses to “Take in the Good by Marty Williams”

  1. jblevine Says:

    I can feel the quiet, Marty. And I smell the eggs.

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