©Marna Blanchard 2016

©Marna Blanchard 2016


I imagined the pulse of tartsweet flavor
from plump green grapes
My mouth watered in delicious anticipation
Our grapevine was pregnant with grapes
Still early days in June, our grapevine sensuously fulsome
offered such tantalizing promises
But then last week in early July
marveling at our vibrant, verdant vine
stretching languorously across one fence arching to the other
leaves as lush as a miniature forest
I spied brown shriveled grapes
Each day more clusters succumbed
Leaves yellowing, dark spots enlarging
Black Rot Disease, a fungus
My heart swells with sharp grief
I must cut it down.
All of it.

©Teri Gruenwald 2016

Teri Gruenwald, gardener, longs for grapes from my garden.

One Response to “Harvest Interruptus by Teri Gruenwald”

  1. David Braden Says:

    Teri, what a beautiful-sad poem with delicious bites of words. My favorite: sensuously fulsome. What a mouthful!

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