©Barbara Lee Bornet Stumph, 2020

Lime Ridge Buttercups bloom,

Painted Ladies linger:

dark wings mingle in light,

as black dots twirl pinwheels;

Peony is graceful;

Mulberry trees nurture

worm cocoons in China;

Blonde grandson nearby asks,

“May I pick mulberry?

These silk worms must munch leaves–

morph into butterflies.”

“Of course,” say I;  boy beams;

May I transform into

butterfly?  Or am I

one–  merely dreaming my Tao

garden on Chuan-tze’s* Way?


©Barbara Lee Bornet Stumph, M.S., 2020

(Famed Chuan Tzu*, Chinese philosopher (389BCE – 286BCE))

             Barbara Lee Bornet Stumph is a retired English Language Development and Ancient World History teacher.  She attended the East-West Center, University of Hawaii in Intensive Mandarin and Related Chinese Studies with field study in Taiwan, University of Oregon , and Cal State University. Barbara loved being a Teacher Consultant at the BAWP and a Teacher Researcher.  During recent four years, Barbara’s painting activities culminated in additional instruction at the famed China Art Academy International College in Hang Zhou, China. 



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