Spirits spring spirals  

Moisture heat  

Chariots funk sweet 

Swing low and let us ride 

From other side where

Met-a-physical tones

Enthrone homes bathe bone 

Call out

Oh god oh my god  

On a good day  


Nine moons sanctify array of  

Sons and daughters  

Canonizes flesh stone water on 

Scenes seen and unseen 

Immortally heart beats in

Wombs empirical loom   

Spherical room 

Singing lyrical tunes of 

Joy pain sunshine rain

Cuz everybody got a little light under the sun  


5 cosigns 5 sisters and brothers 

Math logic baptizes lives of 

Fathers n mothers

                          A Fibonacci wheel keeps on turnin’ 

Rollin’ rollin rollin down a river

Sealed in red mitochondrial reels

Mama’s helix keeps us real 

Rockin’ steady 

Callin’ song exactly what it is 

Hummin’ all kinds of medicinal lullabies 

Up in here 


Lips eyes ears nose crown

Tether four extensions down

Spinal taps artisans poets 

Dancers musicians scientist 

Farmers and mathematicians

Paying dues crossing toll booths 

En route to missed-trees 

Sometimes crude 

But adores magic

  Molding hue of you



©Tureeda Mikell, 2020

           Tureeda Mikell, Story Medicine Woman is a 1996 BAWP Fellow, award-winning poet, storyteller, writer, QiGong healer, Poets in the Schools instructor, has published 72 anthologies, is published nationally and internationally. Recent anthology contribution is: Civil Liberties, by East-West Publishers edited by Shizue Seigel, and soon to be published by Nomadic Press, Synchronicity: The Oracle of Sun Medicine, edited by Michaela Mullin, Ph.D.


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