Barbara Shanghai Walk 2010 final

©Barbara Bornet Stumph, 2019

               Barbara Bornet Stumph is a retired English Language Development and Ancient World History teacher from Pittsburg and Mt. Diablo Unified Districts, California.  She was a 1965-66 grantee at the East-West Center, University of Hawaii in Intensive Mandarin and Related Chinese Studies with field study in Taiwan; a graduate of the University of Oregon (1968) and Cal State University (1989).  Barbara loved being a Teacher Consultant at the Writing Project and Teacher Researcher with Carol Tateishi.  Barbara’s passion is painting in traditional literati, Chinese ink painting styles, as well as calligraphy.  During recent four years, Barbara’s painting activities culminated in additional instruction resulting in certification from the China Art Academy International College in Hang Zhou, China: 2013 to 2017, one month each year.




One Response to “Early Morning Shanghai Walk, 2010 by Barbara Bornet Stumph”

  1. carlaspeak Says:

    Very lively travel stories. Enjoyed walking through Shanghai.

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