Tom M photo

Bronze, Stone, Plastic, and Concrete (in three parts)
Storm King Art Center
photo ©Tom Meyer, 2019

If Buddha gave up

On the rising sun


And cared not for

The beaded ritual on his wrist


And kept mum

During his daily mantras


And ignored the

the Twelve phases of the moon


And took pleasure in

Dried plastic flowers


And studied television instead of

The Pali Canon


Buddha would die a

Hollowed man


And miss the chance to breathe

Life into and from the universe


©Tom Meyer, 2019

Tom Meyer, a BAWP TC since 1991, is a founding Director of the Hudson Valley Writing Project and Associate Professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning at SUNY New Paltz. Among his hobbies are writing and reading poetry, bicycle riding, gardening, rooting for the Golden State Warriors, and hiking with his dogs and family (not necessarily in that order).




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