I urge you to listen,

to love, to open your heart

to the pain, the sadness, the grief,

the loss, the thirst for the

soft yellowed pink of

leaves unfurling spring.


I urge you to remember

the tar blisters of walking for miles,

and to lean into nightmares

before they escape

from too warm pillows and

waft out of night’s windows.


I dare you to imagine,

to hope, to reach for mangos,

to finger avocados, to submerge

in a cold splash of creek.


Believe again in sunflowers,

fireflies and black beans. Let the

bellowing breeze from the cello’s

chords embrace your worries.

©Tom Meyer, 2020

(Inspired by Yo-Yo Ma and Angelique Kidjo, “Blewu”)

          Tom Meyer, a BAWP TC since 1991, is a founding Director of the Hudson Valley Writing Project and Associate Professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning at SUNY New Paltz. Among his hobbies are writing and reading poetry, bicycle riding, gardening, rooting for the Golden State Warriors, and hiking with his dogs and family (not necessarily in that order).

One Response to “A Plea by Tom Meyer”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Believe again! Indeed! Refreshing! Thank you!

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