©Yuet-Sim Darrell Chiang, 2015

©Yuet-Sim Darrell Chiang, 2015

Beside me is my twin brother.

He and I sit quietly, licking our ice cream cones,

Thinking twin thoughts.

Throughout our lives

We’ve communicated through twin thoughts.

Parallel play brought out the blocks,

The cars and trucks, Raggedy Ann and Andy,

Play dishes, and our imaginations.


Before we knew what imaginations were we played real.

On windy days, we’d pretend to be Superman, with towels for capes,

And in and among our weeping willow tree

We’d fly breathlessly as the wind carried us upward.

Now that we’ve grown old,

We sit quietly and think twin thoughts,

Sharing our memories of real and imaginary.

Which is which?

©Katie Johnson, 2015

Katie Johnson, 1978 and 1998, is a retired elementary teacher whose passion for teaching kids led her back to the classroom as a Substitute Teacher in three Berkeley schools. When she’s not teaching, she does a lot of volunteer work, enjoys writing for her Writing Group, and loves to travel. Her email is katiejohnson612@gmail.com.

2 Responses to “Twin Talk by Katie Johnson”

  1. Steve Tollefson Says:

    Katie–This is lovely. I love the idea of “twin thoughts.” And the end is just right.

  2. Dorothy J Coakley Says:

    Yes, I agree. Absolutely lovely. I am the older sister to a pair of girl-twins and have talked with Katie about this unique relationship in our writer’s group. As a chid, they were definitely double-trouble for me. Two votes to my one, as it were. Now, I’m just one of the “pack” as we face the future together. Congrats, Katie. Write on!

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