©Elizabeth Levett 2016

©Elizabeth Levett 2016


I am in heaven.
It’s a department store downtown.
The make-up girl will do my colors.
This pleases my mother,
It’s heaven.

I’m running and I’m a dog,
Loving the pounding of my heart.
I roll my eyes at big trees
As the rain pours down in sheets
From heaven.

A man from my neighborhood
Jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge.
His fall was dreamlike.
I hope he landed softly
In heaven.

I’m sleeping, I am my cat.
Dressed like a hero in a book,
I close my eyes in silence
And the sunlight fills my dreams
Of heaven.


©Elizabeth Levett 2016

Elizabeth Levett Fortier teaches, writes, and has a band.

One Response to “Heaven by Elizabeth Levett”

  1. David Braden Says:

    Wow, Elizabeth, after reading this, I’m in heaven too! Nice work! I especially the love the shifts from store to dog to falling to sleeping/dreaming.

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