The written pieces in this Issue Twenty of Digital Paper all feature a different photograph of one spectacular Australian sunset, as captured by BAWP’s own Yuet-Sim Darrell Chiang. She writes,

“It was dusk and we were in a big hurry to look for the lost scarf that Judy, my sister, had lost while we were walking on the banks of the Hawkesbury River. Our eyes were scouring the spindly brushes and pebbled bank when the reflection from the river caught our eyes. We looked up and there it was—the setting sun ringing in the evening hours and waving a diaphanous scarf of wondrous colors.”  (Windsor, Australia)

©Yuet-Sim Darrell Chiang, 2015



2 Responses to “Ringing in the Evening by Yuet-Sim Darrell Chiang”

  1. Christine Lindbeck Says:

    The spectacular sunset photo submitted by Yuet-Sim Darrell Chiang is unfortunately not appearing where I thought it would be! It is found on Darrell G.H. Schramm’s page!

    The epic sunset was indeed awe inspiring! Well done Ms Chiang!

    1. Marty Williams Says:

      Each written piece is accompanied by a different photo by Sim Chiang. They are exquisite indeed!

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