©Marna Blanchard, 2012

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Time slips
quick sand

I turned
to see

Vivid photograph
of youth
faded by age

Upon closer
is but a constraint
of the mind

A lively soul
is refracted
through eyes
swift, alert
never dimming

Time slows
it is
in fact

©Marna Blanchard, 2012

Marna Blanchard is a native of San Francisco and proud product of a public education. She is currently teaching 8th grade English/History and Media at Francisco Middle School in San Francisco. Marna has loved words since the 2nd grade, which is when her love affair with poetry began. She also shares a passion for travel, photography and film-making with her daughters. Marna was a BAWP fellow in 2006.

5 Responses to “Introspection and Reflection by Marna Blanchard”

  1. Elizabeth S. Says:

    I am inspired by this poem, my grandmothers picture made this poem what it became and I love it.

    1. Marna Blanchard Says:

      So glad you liked it! She is a wonderful inspiration, so loving and kind. Great to have her as my cousin.

      1. Elizabeth Says:

        And she means the world to me as my grandmother 🙂 I am a writer myself would love to post some of my work somewhere so it could be recognized.

  2. This poem has reminded me of why I have been in a constant enamored mindset with the genius that Mrs. Marna Blanchard, lovingly known by myself and others as Ms. B. From the 8th grade in 2004 to the present, she has inspired; this poem shows that. Time has not hindered her inspiring power one bit. Bravo!

  3. sharline Says:

    My mother Arline is a true inspiration to me. I am blessed to have her as my mother. I to as well as my daughter Elizabeth writes poems. I truly love to read a good poem. This is so true.

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