©Elisa Salasin, 2009

©Elisa Salasin, 2009

after falling into a deep sleep
my mother flew heavenward
like a tiny chickadee,
our Hillegass Avenue home far from view
the lights of Telegraph Avenue
mere flickers

bold and free
she pirouetted, leaped
even somersaulted
across the night sky
her white nightgown
billowing like a cumulus cloud

the further and longer the travel
sometimes even to Monterey
the more tranquil she became
releasing the stresses of her day –
of cooking yet another pot roast for a family of nine,
of living with a meddlesome mother-in-law,
of keeping peace between family members,
being attentive to her husband,  tired from work

at breakfast
her dreamy smile
and relaxed shoulders
spoke of an exceptional flight
compelling us to beg for details:
Grandma Morioka overseeing a late card game in her home,
sporting a visor, and holding a cigarette holder
Charlie Low locking up The Forbidden City Nightclub at two in the morning,
walking away arm in arm with one of his dancers
Keiko and her new boyfriend stealing kisses on her front porch with her father
peeking through the blinds

like a magician
she had us spellbound
as she described her adventures
none of us even questioning
whether her travels were real

©Jan Matsuoka, 2009

Jan Matsuoka, retired from Oakland Unified School District since 2000, recently had a dream of hers come true when a fellow BAWPer invited her to join a writing group.  She gives her appreciation to the members for helping her revise this poem.  She now loves spending time in front of her computer, writing and rewriting, and focusing on stories of her outrageous family.

2 Responses to “Her Nocturnal Travels by Jan Matsuoka”

  1. Deb Says:

    I have such a vivid picture of these stories. Great details.

  2. Theresa Sanders Says:

    Fantastic images.

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