(With special thanks to Milo, age 11, for saxophone improvisation)

Tart, of course
red rising up green orb
bursts of apple fireworks
cider earrings dangling from wood towers
all tendril and aqueduct
armor plated puzzle
peaceful breeze
flippy floppy energy grabbers
serving their country
then closing eyes
and leaping into crispy breeze
all of it
this circle on the ground of loam
and fallen vitamin
all of it
this slingshot upright
one-tree marching band
99 balloons and hard hiccups for all!
all here
planted on the planet
tethered to the stars
pulsing juice
cooling the kingdom of furry free animals
and hugging my city warped soul


©Evan Nichols 2016

Evan Nichols hereby publishes his own poetry. How sad.

7 Responses to “Gravenstein by Evan Nichols”

  1. marnab22014 Says:

    I aspire to your wordsmithary! Wasn’t sure if it should end with ery or ary, but I think you get the point. Love senses of it.

  2. That’s some knock-out wordplay, Evan, and a tight soundtrack to keep it balanced. A strong summer tonic! Yeah!

  3. Andrew Lewis Says:

    I’ve booked you and Milo at Country Nights (The sister bookstore to City Lights)!

  4. Love your ode to apple.

  5. Anne Weldon Says:

    Love the edited version, especially with Milo accompani
    ment-“noteworthy to the core!”

  6. jblevine4 Says:

    YUM! Makes me hungry.

  7. jblevine4 Says:

    Great saxwork, Milo.

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