©Efren Adalem, 2010

Life is a collection of impression; some big; some small; some repetitive and some not. These poems are a collection of impressions left on me by my 9 year old son over this past year.

This lovely boy and I

We return together,
this lovely boy and I,
walking, with hands held,
quietly questioning,
because the world is made up
of numerous uncertainties.
We return together.
Yesterday we were children,
seeing into the world
with glee and depth.
Tomorrow we might be geezers,
with wounds and scars
never quite forgotten.
But today we are ourselves,
with silence as our anchor,
and held hands, for our reasons

The Word

He finds a word
on his wandering journey
and wonders …
… wonders
just what to do
with this new found treasure.

He could spit it out and surprise us.

Or use it to praise us.

Or throw it – plop – into the pristine pool.

Or bury it deeply, down into damp soil.

Or  hold it gently;
notice its shape,
its tingle,
its texture;
its thumping background rhythm.

He could make it an offering.

Or even,
perhaps extraordinarily,
He could simply
let it stand


A testament
to meanings and uses
as yet unknown.

Bedtime @ 8

Time to speak:We’re laying around, lazilyuttering small memories:the tear dropped, a ball in the hoop,lunch untouched because of veggies.The worksheet, a book enjoyed,recess unhurried with friends.It’s not a poem.Rhythm and meter are missing,and from what I hear,rather jangled.But the room seems to soften–listen – and visionsoftens or blurs – as if –hard edges turned gorgeous.A sort of Lord’s Prayerfor the unreligious –A new translationof ancient actions.And two rosy hearts settle,well, into silence.

©Glenn Kenyon, 2010

Glenn Kenyon is a BAWP Fellow since 2009. He is a 6th grade Spanish Immersion teacher at James Lick Middle School in San Francisco. He is also a father, a blue belt Karate student, a blogger and misses math a whole lot.


4 Responses to “Collections by Glenn Kenyon”

  1. Sara Schupack Says:

    So touching and sweet!
    My son turns eleven today. I love the word poem/impressio. That’s just how my guy is with words. Each new one is such a gift. Your son is a lucky boy! I love the bedtime one too. I love how you remind us of the importance of silence.


  2. Adela Says:

    You’ve captured golden, vibrant moments, even if they are quiet and nighttime. They feel like a sigh. I guess I connected them to my own recollections with Sofie.

  3. mary barrett Says:

    plop into a pristine pool..

    thumping background rhythm…

    great sounds, great rhythm, great read

  4. Marty Williams Says:

    Glenn, I so loved these lovely moments captured with the 9 year old son. The Word took me back to those early encounters with new words, how powerful that is, and that early, intrinsic love of language children have. Thank you!

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