©Andrena Zawinski, 2010

In the sunlit car on the road
Through the snow-flecked woods
On an early spring weekend
During a pure and perfect love,
After 10 years, through some negotiation,
With a hundred friends’ fingers joined
Behind us to make a net, You. Say. Yes.

©Mike Richman, 2010

Michael Richman teaches English at New Design High School. Notice he just said, “teaches” and not “teaches well” or “teaches with the line and discipline of a Balanchine dancer.” But he does so hope you won’t think less of him for that. He was a BAWP-ie in – what – ‘03? It’s sort of a blur. Finally, it bears mentioning that he recently returned from a trip to London where he ate many a British Kit-Kat (TM) bar, the British version being far superior to anything on this side of the pond.

2 Responses to “Pulling It All Together by Mike Richman”

  1. Paul Cunningham Says:

    So sweet! What a lot is said in these few words.

  2. Fran Claggett Says:

    I love the conjunction between the photo and the poem. Perfect.


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