©Hector Lee, 2012


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A yield in tai chi is also a strike.

There, writing is a monster that devours my life

even while it coughs up bits of story.

Here, writing is a child who plays with me,

urging me to play with it.

Writing here I hope to take there,

my prompt to create stories with magic in them.

©Jim Hughes, 2012

Jim Hughes’s BAWPtism occurred in 2001. He taught in the West Contra Costa USD for twenty years. He wrote for TESOL as a columnist for Essential Teacher from 2003 to 2007 and as a contributor to the four volumes of Integrating EFL Standards into Chinese Classroom Settings (2007). He also co-authored God Wife: A Story of Dreams and Realities (2009), a novel set in Nepal and based on the early life of Mani Nepali.

2 Responses to “Retreat by Jim Hughes”

  1. amomnextdoor Says:

    Jim, I love the idea of writing as a monster with its dubious, unpredictable, irresistable and essential offerings.

  2. Hey, Jim. I love this characterization of writing and the way the narrator becomes a gentle warrior in relation to it.

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