©Elizabeth Levett Fortier, 2019

I know, I know, I will remember,

But I can feel myself pulling away.

The danger of moving beats

The hazard of staying around.


You show me the sleek pigeons in the rain.

And I can almost see them.

But what I see is blinding white,

It’s their bellies taking flight.


There’s a motel light 

that blinks on and off,

Something that is constant.

Places timing on all action,

Something in the light outside.


I see my boxes in the car.

I see the colors of my dreaming.

My colors start to dance like oil,

Just when you’re getting clear.


Like railroad switches

Life goes on,

Something so insistent.

There’s the sunrise, my horizon,

Traffic lights in the towns below.


There’s a noise inside

Everyone all night.

Somehow there’s a reference,

Laces meaning through intention,

Something in the light inside.


©Elizabeth Levett Fortier, 2019

          Elizabeth Levett Fortier teaches little kids in San Francisco. She also writes and sings in the acoustic trio, Dreamchair Music with her husband David. More about Elizabeth can be found at elizabethlevett.home.blog or dreamchairmusic.com.

2 Responses to “The Light That Blinks by Elizabeth Levett Fortier”

  1. saraschupack Says:

    I love the movement in this, and the interplay between inside and outside, natural and urban.

  2. K.Land Says:

    How beautiful, the lines “There’s a noise inside/everyone all night”. And, yes, the interior & urban compliment.

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