©Elizabeth Levett 2016

©Elizabeth Levett 2016


Lean back my bones
wash me in a meteor shower
an exoplanet, a habitable zone
make it black as pitch
peripherally swollen
turn the music to a tune
swish, swish
a strange otherland
yes, put me there
eyes running wild
catch up to the lights
milky moving wisps
particles lost
crevices and fractures
orange glows tempt me
to leave this place
see the whole of the stars
the hole
terror and delight in one sync
feel the pulse, your warm hand
right there on my arm
and we have traveled

©Keri DuLaney-Greger

Keri DuLaney Greger, poetry dabbler, loves teaching and mothering.

One Response to “Take Me to a Planetarium by Keri DuLaney-Greger”

  1. jblevine4 Says:

    We HAVE traveled–via your words. Thanks, Keri. Lovely.

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