©Floyd Salas, 2014

©Floyd Salas, 2014


These are wonderful moments
The light is pigeon soft
gray as dusk
Clouds hover
in cumulus puffs

Red leaves
on the drying branches
of this fall
without a quiver

Still air
at this moment
as the eternal

©Floyd Salas, 2014

Floyd Salas, a 1984 BAWP fellow, is an award-winning author of seven books, including the novels Tattoo the Wicked Cross, What Now My Love, Lay My Body on the Line, and State of Emergency, the memoir Buffalo Nickel, and two books of poetry, Color of My Living Heart and Love Bites: Poetry in Celebration of Dogs and Cats.  His first historical book, Widow’s Weeds, is now available on Kindle. www.floydsalas.com

2 Responses to “Eternal Hush by Floyd Salas”

  1. martywill Says:

    The images of softness and quiet in this poem are so rich: pigeon soft, puffs of cloud hovering, leaves hanging without a quiver. Wonderful experience reading this poem. Thanks, Floyd!

  2. Caroline Sanchez Says:

    I was reading my writer friend Barbara Bonnet’s writing and as I skimmed through I saw your name. Congratulations.

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