©Yuet-Sim Darrell Chiang, 2015

©Yuet-Sim Darrell Chiang, 2015

… Lower animals like man, manifestly
feel pleasure, pain, happiness and misery.
Charles Darwin

How Did I Know?
In living room one afternoon
Knapping between worlds
Of the seen and unseen
Birds’ crying song
Touches me
I know
I hear you ask
How can one determine
If birds are crying
And if they are indeed crying
By what method of
Tonal frequency
Could you detect
birds crying song?
I do not know.
I cannot tell you.
Their refrain awakened me
From what I believed a dream.
When my eyes opened
I could still hear them weep
And when I stood up
I could feel their misery
And when I opened the door
From the second floor
Eyes followed sound of birds cry
As they hovered wildly
Above lifeless kin on the ground.
How did I know?
How did I know the
Birds’ song of sorrow?

©Tureeda Mikell, 2015

BAWP Fellow since 96, Poets in the Schools instructor since 1990, published sixty plus student anthologies, Students selected for 2012 CA State Anthology. Tureedas’ writing genre is magical realism. Poet/storyteller recently published in  DRUMVOICES REVUE 20th Anniversary Edition; Honors Miles Davis, Katherine Dunham, & Henry Dumas. 215 contributors. 700pp, Southern Illinois University.  Maya Angelou, Amiri Baraka, Avery Brooks, Haki R. Madhubuti, Walter Mosley, Quincy Troupe,and Walter Mosely, Senior Editors/Trustees.

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