©Barbara Bornet, 2014

©Barbara Bornet, 2014

The first day we shared
You asked if I needed a partner
I declined.
I watched
Listened to your thoughts about
Making space
It was my turn to ask
You agreed
We met
Talked space
Emboldening, powerful spaces
Safe spaces
Spaces of confidence
We meet over beer
We talk about
La Curandera
Our work
In Boston
We walked
The town
Saw the gravesites
Each time they asked
“You paying for her?”
“Should I put his bags with yours?”
We claimed each other
The world and its prejudices
Early morning
We drove
Me singing
You working
You teach
I learn
I teach
You learn
Together we grow
Santa Barbara
Thousands of miles
Under one sky
Seeking our
Personal Legend
Writing our lives
Into the
Con Vivir
As simple as
My toes

©Lanette Jimerson, 2014

Lanette is a practicing teacher and aspiring children’s book author. She enjoys music, nature and of course reading. Contrary to the poem she does not enjoy getting her toes painted! 

4 Responses to “Con Vivir by Lanette Jimerson”

  1. martywill Says:

    I really like the two quotes fin the middle of the poem that highlight the outside-the-box nature of the relationship between the narrator and the “You” in the poem. The toe painting and book reading at the end speak to a comfortable intimacy. Nice!

  2. Marty, your toe nail painting is a great line for me, too! I lIke this tight form with simplicity. It creates intimacy. Barbara

  3. I meant to say hello to Lanette sorry.

  4. Kristin Says:

    Lanette, I love the turns the poem takes, especially in the lines about space, “we talked space.” And, the meeting over beer, tamales set up the expansiveness of this relationship, so close, so tender, so spacious. Lovely.

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