photo ©Jodi Freedman, 2019

Nantucket in the winter is not the Nantucket of my summer. It is almost beyond recognition. The waves surge out of the water like lighting rising from the ocean towards the sky. The wind on the beaches is what I imagine would satisfy the definition of a sand storm. And yet, the light is extraordinary. Searching out for any vestiges of life, it softens the harshness of the wind and sea.

Walk into any Jewish synagogue in the world and you will find a special light that is always on. It is called the Ner Tamid, or eternal flame. To me it always offered hope. It always softened my anger, or confusion, or rigidness.

The combination of the wind, the light and the sea at this moment, created what I call this photograph, “Ner Tamid”. It was taken in February on Nantucket’s Surfside beach.

 ©Jodi Freedman, 2019

Jodi Freedman is a 2019 ISI BAWP participant and is learning how to do things like take pictures and share her writing in ways that brings joy to her and others. This is Jodi’s 30th year teaching middle school. 

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