KNOELLER Deer Creek Confluence

©Christian Knoeller, 2013

          After James Wright

Imagine how a river
thinks about an island:

eddies of hesitation
and then a deepening resolve

the bank carved from beneath
where a beaver burrows

among twisted roots
of maple or sycamores

as an owl
bides its time until dusk

as a warm wind passing
over sandy flats

littered with the iridescence
of mussel shells

finally coaxes the first
trillium to open.

Imagine how water
once divided

desires only
to find itself again.

©Christian Knoeller, 2013

Christian Knoeller, BAWP ’91 serves as Associate Professor of English at Purdue.  His current research interests include teaching Native American and Midwestern literature, especially with reference to cultural and ecological memory. He has received both the Midwestern Heritage Prize for Literary Criticism (2007) and the Gwendolyn Brooks Prize for Poetry (2011) from the Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature and is currently serving as the President of the organization (SSML).

3 Responses to “Looking for Home by Christian Knoeller”

  1. amomnextdoor Says:

    The last four lines are stunning, in idea and emotion.

  2. Tom Says:

    I, too, love the end of the poem as it answers the beginning. Thanks for the meditation. Tom Meyer

  3. Jim Larson Says:

    This is fine poetry doing what fine poetry does best. An initial image, a reinterpreting of the image across several separate settings, and a closure that brings it
    back to what the human heart desires. Thank you Christian.

    Jim L.

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