I’m waiting for the light to change. I’ve been waiting for ten minutes now. Ten minutes! You think I’m exaggerating, but I’m not. I looked at my watch when I stopped and it’s been a full ten minutes. My front and back wheels are lined up on the loop – that image of a bicycle painted on the road – just as they’re supposed to be. And the light is STILL RED.

Why not just go through the red light, you ask. Because I’m a law-abiding bicyclist, that’s why. Besides, I’m invested now. Ten minutes….going on eleven. I’m occupying this loop.

©John  Levine 2016

John Levine is a playwright who is addicted to

One Response to “Occupying The Loop by John Levine”

  1. So much to contemplate in this image of the patient cyclist at the red light –“I’m invested now” — having waited like a good citizen this long, don’t give up now! Thanks, i feel steadied, waiting for the light to change–and it will!

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