Marius, Satchel, and I 003

[Editor’s Note: Please bump up your screen size for proper viewing of these astounding artifacts!]





©Satchel, 2014

Satchel, a ten-year old Australian shepherd, was adopted as a pup by BAWP TCs Kimberley Gilles (’87) and her husband Tom Dunlap (’93).  Satchel wrote his human step-siblings when they were at college, letters that Tom, a writer himself, teacher and tutor, has collected and transcribed.  Should you think that a dog’s prose is childish, consider how well you would render his sophisticated sense of smell. 

2 Responses to “Leaves from the Collected Letters of Satchel by Tom Dunlap”

  1. martywill Says:

    The dawg, the dude, speaks and writes! I didn’t know he could draw, too. I am impressed! Love this, Tom.

  2. Jojo (aka: alpha dog when his human isn't around) Says:


    Im sooooooo glaad wer frenz! I luv yur stingky but!!!! We hav the same tales. I thot I red sumthing drogatory abot chiwawas in yur storey but I no yu lik me. C u ladr, aligader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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