©Elisa Salasin, 2011

The little dog waddles along
He’s like a flower creature
furry as a caterpillar
funny as the cute face
of the family cat
and just as threatening
furry white as a lamb’s hide
as a lamb’s side
as furry as a puffball
But that could be a flower too
When he barks
his whole body bounces

What flowers
is the flourish
of this little wiggling thing
plump and getting old now
waddling along

©Floyd Salas, 2001

Floyd Salas, a 1984 BAWP-fellow, is an award-winning author of seven published books, including Tattoo the Wicked Cross, which earned a place on the San Francisco Chronicle’s Western 100 List of Best 20th Century Fiction, and is also featured, along with his memoir Buffalo Nickel, in Masterpieces of Hispanic Literature. He was a 2003 Regent’s Lecturer at UC Berkeley where his manuscripts and papers are archived in the Bancroft Library. http://www.floydsalas.com   floydsalas@comcast.net.

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