©Floyd Salas, 2009

©Floyd Salas, 2009

Floyd Salas is the critically-acclaimed author of four novels, a memoir and two volumes of poetry.  His publications include Tattoo the Wicked Cross (1967), winner of the Joseph Henry Jackson Award and a Eugene F. Saxton Fellowship; What Now My Love (1970); Lay My Body on the Line (1978), written and published on National Endowment for the Arts Literary Fellowships; the memoir Buffalo Nickel (1992), which earned him a California Arts Council Literary Fellowship; State of Emergency (1996), awarded the 1997 PEN Oakland Literary Censorship Award, and his poetry books, Color of My Living Heart (1996) and Love Bites: Poetry in Celebration of Dogs and Cats (2006).  Tattoo the Wicked Cross and Buffalo Nickel are featured in Masterpieces of Hispanic Literature (HarperCollins 1994). His novel, Tattoo the Wicked Cross, earned a place on the San Francisco Chronicle‘s Western 100 List of Best 20th Century Fiction. His fiction, non-fiction and poetry manuscripts as well as letters and biographical information are archived in the Floyd Salas collection in the Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

7 Responses to “Six Rogues by Floyd Salas”

  1. Melody Says:

    hey, I remember these pictures…! these are really cool. rock on Floyd!

  2. Dude… I think I know the guy on the bottom right. He’s the Re-burn Thief at my office — steals cigarette butts out of the ashtrays. MY re-burns! I gave him a talking-to (rather a yelling-at), but I think he might come back. But as long as his mug shot is posted here, the world will know what to do…

    Floyd, you DO rock. See you in class whether you like it or not >:D

  3. Debby Says:

    I love them. I miss your doodles during class.

  4. Hey! Way to go, Floyd. The Rogues have a gutsy Van Gogh quality.

  5. Sorry, aber das bezweifel ich ganz stark…Baer

  6. Das htte ich nun gar nicht gedacht. Hast du dazu weitere Quellen? Gru Wschbeckenunterschrank

  7. My spouse and i undoubtedly have to think far more in that way and see what i can do regarding this.

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