©Sim Chiang, 2017

©Sim Chiang, 2017

Our Constitution whom we hearken,
hallowed be thy words.
We, the people come, our goodness will be done,
on earth as it is in this dear land of liberty.
Give us this day our daily grace.
And forgive our debts of not listening,
as we forgive those who listen to the enemy within.
Lead us not into Trumpisms, and
deliver us from an maniacal ego and his grandiose follies,
now and forever.


Inspired by Mattew 6:9-13

©Yuet-Sim Darrell Chiang, 2017

Yuet-Sim Darrell Chiang teaches writing at UC Berkeley.  She loves to swim, eat chocolates and play with clay.

One Response to “When Follies Cometh by Yuet-Sim Darrell Chiang”

  1. good prayer, for real! May our hearts stay open and strong for as “our goodness will be done!”

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