Rooster of Barcelos -Portugal by bikkie aldeias.

©Bikkie Aldeias, 2010

Headstrong, I swear
to master the subjunctive
in Spanish, passing

languid  afternoons
in Antigua, Guatemala
as shadows

of stone saints
gracing cathedrals
recede into themselves.

Arriving early for class,
I find the tutor’s father
is herding a truckload

of chickens past the classroom
to a chopping block
out back.

Ranch hands curse
to spur them on—
verbs even roosters

can conjugate.

©Christian Knoeller, 2010

Christian Knoeller is offering a new graduate course this Spring semester at Purdue:  “Classroom Discourse Analysis.”  Recently, he delivered a paper on John James Audubon,  “Narratives of Migration:  Audubon’s Missouri River Journals,” at an the Midwest MLA (MMLA) Conference in Saint Louis.  A related essay, “Writing in the Wake of History:  Audubon’s Journey on the Missouri,” is slated to appear in a forthcoming issue of Midwest Miscellany from the Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature, and he has new poetry forthcoming in a number of journals including the Alembic and Journal of New Jersey Poets.

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