©Kathy Moore 2017

©Kathy Moore 2017

The sky is threatening rain today
this day after the day after the day after
still I travel on
aimlessly passing strangers hugging signs and sorrows
heads down
eyes hooded,
lost in our collective quiet shame

In fading afternoon light
I pass a cemetery of the revolution
where thin and fragile tombstones
draped in dropped November leaves
stand as witness to our history,
America the Beautiful lies buried here
lost and restless deep below

©Kathy Moore, 2017

Kathy Moore is a collector of stories, discarded objects and memories. She has served in the role of Poet Laureate for the City of San Ramon since 2012 and has written and performed jazz poetry with Lady K and the Kings of Swing, and choreographed poetry with the Jumpin’ at the Sun Dance Company. She considers her 2002 BAWP summer a life-affirming experience.

2 Responses to “Of Thee I Sing by Kathy Moore”

  1. This captures perfectly the spirit of despair after the night of Nov 8, 2016 — Have to believe that, whatever else got buried, our willingness to fight for good laws and for the rule of law will not waiver, and we will be strong again!

    1. eduk8te Says:

      Thank you, Catherine. I do believe that goodness will prevail.

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