©A.E. Nichols 2016

©A.E. Nichols 2016

It was a countdown in slow motion. Two brothers sat drinking, bottle after bottle, listening to Prince, RIP, and songs about the end of the world. The bar was nearly 100 feet long, boasting a different tap every foot. Alec tapped his foot.

Tomorrow, Amina’s family would take him to the mosque. He would recite their words, receive a new name. Tonight, he drank with his brother.

Alec took one down, passed it ‘round. “I will love her until I am 100.”

His brother thought: But. The count didn’t go that far. There were bottles yet they would drink.


©Jeremiah Romm 2016

Jeremiah Romm also draws cartoons using exactly 99 brushstrokes.

One Response to “Writing and Bottles of Beer on the Wall by Jeremiah Romm”

  1. David Braden Says:

    Hi Jeremiah. I like this riff on the song. You have painted with words a tight scene that holds a novel’s worth of narrative underneath it.

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