©Mohan Namboodiri, 2020

Sometimes the wind makes small blossoms

Seem to bend toward each other

In a conversation built

From a language

No longer spoken

And we should learn it somehow

Before time erases our wish to know it


Seas rise and recede with gulls on the wing

Rains fall heavy, but cleans the air in time

For early evening walks, in which we dance

Past our neighbors and nod, just six feet apart


We hear about five thousand lives lost so far:

Doctors, famed musicians, a baby

Not quite ready for its first cold

A nurse who held someone and grew sick



Days drift toward months, but stuck together,

We recall the ease of baking

And call up friends on the phone, Zoom them,

To find out if they, too, are still breathing


Our neighbor grabs her ukulele

Announces a music party from a distance.

We knew people that lived there before

And we nod to recognize she is new here,


Where we no longer feel like going out

It could mean we took chances

With our fourteen days well spent

In isolation, remembering what came

Before now.


Streets filled with kids dodging traffic

After school

Practicing flips on boards, tossing balls

Older ones edging toward the walking path

Fresh faces without masks, eating ice cream


©Carla Williams-Namboodiri, 2020

             A former newspaper and magazine editor, Carla Williams-Namboodiri has taught Social Studies and English for 14 years in Oakland. She has served as a co-coordinator for BAWP’s Professional Collaboration Network. Some of her writing has appeared in BAWP’s Digital Paper, Still Crazy and Poetry Express.

One Response to “To Remember by Carla Williams-Namboodiri”

  1. David Braden Says:

    Thank you fort this moment so well captured, leaving me with a glow of optimism.

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