frontier fire

©frontierfireprotection, 2020

I see myself in his eyes
I’m not that tight.
He sees a mirror in me
Knows he ain’t right.

We tussle and tug
and rumble
‘til we find a way
back to light.

Then unions bust
systems break
The world is ablaze.

We stay ready for the fight.


©Carmen Johnston, 2020

         Carmen Johnston is a BAWP TC and English Professor at Chabot College. Carmen is dedicated to social justice, equity and radical self-care. She self-published a collection of poetry Confessions of a B-Girl some time ago, and is currently working on a young adult novel.

One Response to “Stay Ready by Carmen Johnston”

  1. K.Land Says:

    Word play is wonderful in this piece, telling me the speaker is that tight! A firecracker of a poem, spare yet layered. Impressive. I really love “tussle and tug” – reveals the tenderness beneath the struggle to really be with another.

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