Sky melds mortal skin 

Mediates metaphysics 

Trials known and unknown


Entitlement rules

Intuitive tenant, doomed

Bars fence existence 


Children watch, listen

Dictums stain wonder’s magic

Hearts of gold grow cold


We face genocide 

Consent manufactures tools

Rules hidden terrors


Corona virus

Divides many tongues rats ride

Year of vermin spreads


They say one of three 

Will contract Cancer today 

Describe evidence 


Can you play leap frog?

Water getting hotter now

Where you gonna jump?


©Tureeda Mikell, 2020

           Tureeda Mikell, Story Medicine Woman is a 1996 BAWP Fellow, award-winning poet, storyteller, writer, QiGong healer, Poets in the Schools instructor, has published 72 anthologies, is published nationally and internationally. Recent anthology contribution is: Civil Liberties, by East-West Publishers edited by Shizue Seigel, and soon to be published by Nomadic Press, Synchronicity: The Oracle of Sun Medicine, edited by Michaela Mullin, Ph.D.

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