©Elizabeth Levett, 2016


I could sleep the day away when you’re here with me.

There’s just the air that’s full of rain, just the light on trees.

And all the luminous days written in our hands.

They’re like a dress I wore or a song we sang.


But when you go away then it gets so still.

It’s then the night comes down and I feel the chill.


Never go away. Never stay too far.

I’ll recall the birds for you and you can name the stars.


A flicker feather picked up from the ground,

It’s just like you and me and the air all around.

We are lost and found.


So breathe in, close your eyes. Kindly guardian me.

Then like two rivers we’ll roll to our eventual sea.

Keep me close to you. Lie down by my side.

I was born for you and I will abide.


And all the luminous days are running through our hands

Just like a dress I wore or a song we sang.

Never go away. Let me see your face.

Show me where you are.

©Elizabeth Levett, 2016

Elizabeth Levett Fortier is an elementary school teacher in San Francisco’s Richmond District. She also teaches at the Young Writers Camp during the summer. She is the author of Beauty Secrets of the Stars, a memoir of love and friendship, and is a visual artist, too. More songs by Elizabeth and her husband, guitarist David Fortier, can be found at www.dreamchairmusic.com. She can be contacted at dreamchair@yahoo.com.
(Drumming on Object Permanence performed by Robert Duarte, production by Ed Summerfield and David Fortier.)

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