©Alexa Frisbie, 2009

©Alexa Frisbie, 2009

Monterey is the richest area for marine life. Scientists from all over the world come to study the shocking concentration of life here. A cluster – an aberration from the rather barren expanses in other sections of the ocean. Why here?

It is the upwelling. The currents scrape the dregs of all that is hidden so deep, buried on the bottom. And that current lifts it – brings it closer to the surface – closer to the light — & the dregs, the buried, feeds and nourishes richly and abundantly. In other parts of the ocean, the dregs stay dregs – the buried stays buried – and life is barren above.

©Alexa Frisbie, 2009

Alexa Frisbie attended the BAWP Institute in 1998, with the goal of adapting Writer’s Workshop to science curriculum. She is currently the Program Director for Children’s Workshop, an after school program featuring Writer’s Workshop and Experimenter’s Workshop. Alexa was able to spend a fantastic weekend writing with others at the Asilomar BAWP retreat recently, where she wrote this piece.

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