photo ©Renee A. Braden, 1899 – 1996

cumulonimbus cloud flocks     pregnant with chances   amass over the ocean    disband then
reform       again into fantastic beastshapes        over and over            somewhere in the temple
ruins     there remains       an ancient frieze of Miranda      at three        running the diameter
of her island chasing the horizon     filling her   young lungs with the    moist   misty
chaos of fog rolling in      from a dark dark ocean      breaking into crackly static


over the wireless     dot dash one dot zero      she makes clear      her wish    to remain up here
in the icy      strata of       a thousand blank pages of       cirrocumulus       silences encrypted
in probability fields         of akashic frequencies       and relative precipitations


to drift among thoughts un-thought      referent-less     molecules      two hydrogen atoms for every
one of oxygen    one to zero to one to zero      sine waves     streaming       shimmyshimmy
shimmering & shaking   good time jitterbug jazz     at 78rpm    spinning


    coalescing her   desire   into  one   unique   flake     a word     containing  but a      bare milligram
of meaning



©David Braden, 2019


David Braden is an Elementary Literacy Coach in Oakland. His new CD, “Air Echoes with Layers of Inchoate Words” can be streamed at:

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