©Marna Blanchard 2016

©Marna Blanchard 2016


Rain started in the evening
Falls in sheets next day
You cut the shopping list in half
There seems an abundance

Stay under blankets snuggling
Disrupt the cats from
corners of the couch
Put on sweat clothes
To tidy

Find a twenty falling
out of a pocket in the dryer
And spend it on ice cream
With whipped topping
Wind up in bed reading
One another

Forget plans for gardening
It’s raining, after all
No baseball practice
Or playdates at the movies

Fields dipped in the hope
Of children
Lay idle
As we should do


©Carla Williams-Namboodiri 2016

Carla Williams-Namboodiri is a writer and humanities teacher.

2 Responses to “Rainy-day Friday By Carla Williams-Namboodiri”

  1. Sara Schupack Says:

    I love this poem!!! I love your use of verbs and line endings, the rhythm. “Fields dipped in the hope/of children” is one of the most beautiful phrases I’ve encountered in a while.

  2. David Braden Says:

    I love “wind up in bed reading/one another.” Intimate and cozy!

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