©Alan Jencks, 2020


It waits now, before birdsong,

a patient stillness.


It waits 

for a sky full of music

as it was in the old dawns here,

waits for paired Monarchs, 

trios, a winged kaleidoscope.


Waits for itself as it was 

before DDT,

before Monsanto and monocrops,

before the plundered forests.


As after fire, green returns,

morning light holds possibility.


And that one Anise Swallowtail

my husband photographed

and framed,

yesterday’s gift out of the blue,

says perhaps 

it is not yet

too late.


©Judy Bebelaar, 2020

(“Morning” appeared in the anthology California: Fire and Water edited by Molly Fisk)


        Judy Bebelaar’s award-winning poetry has been published widely. And Then They Were Gone: Teenagers of Peoples Temple from High School to Jonestown, nonfiction, has won four awards including two first prizes in different categories from Royal Dragonfly Book Awards and a first prize in the 2019 Northern California Publishers and Authors contest. Judy and co-author Ron Cabral were named SFPL Library Laureates, 2019 for the book, and it was one of five nominees for a Northern California Book Award in nonfiction.





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