I was driving in my dumptruck feeling like I’s running low on air, low on air

How’s a man to find a pump stuck in the middle of god knows where, god knows where

First sign that comes up, by god, I’m gonna go down there, go down there


All that smoke come out the chimney I know there’s sure to be a fire, be a fire

Someone might have the means and ends to satisfy my heart’s desire, heart’s desire

My engine needs a jump and I just might’ve found a real live wire, real live wire


I step up to her door wonderin’ just what the time would tell, time would tell

I screw up my courage to throw my coin into her wishing well, wishing well

I was damn well determined that I’s a gonna ring her bell, ring her bell


Don’t want to scare her off, so I figured I should hide my pride, hide my pride

Frettin’ I might come off too rough, I prayed that she would let it slide, let it slide

When a voice come through the door ask me Would I like to come inside, come inside


Her front door swing open but she says to enter ’round the back, ‘round the back

Give it a little push, my man, I keep it open just a crack, just a crack

Don’t have to ask me twice, ma’am, rest assured I’ve got the knack, got the knack


I hitch up my pants like I’s just about to tie my horse, tie my horse

To get my engine revving I’m afraid I’ll have to apply some force, ‘ply some force

And I don’t need to tell you that I got the job done, but of course, but of course


Well right now she can’t greet you, pal, sorry but her hands are tied, hands are tied

Seems my timing sure was perfect she could use a man there by her side, by her side

Who could provide a firm hand to rectify her double-wide, double-wide


I sure do hear her calling and I’m heading home soon have no doubt, have no doubt

It hurts to keep her waiting, but she likes it when I drag it out, drag it out

But I better get up on it, this work for me is paramount, paramount


©Mark Zucker, 2018

             Mark Zucker, NBCT,  has taught, coached, and created curriculum in OUSD for 28 years. He lives with his wife Penny, and kids Solomon and Dimitri in Berkeley, where he enjoys playing music, writing, reading, dancing, nature, and being physical. You can access his double-CD Balls of Mercury: Hard/Sweet  at

2 Responses to “Come Inside (or How I Met My Wife) by Mark Zucker”

  1. Judy Bebelaar Says:

    Hi Mark, beautiful issue!

  2. K Suyeyasu Says:

    “I hitch up my pants like I’s just about to tie my horse” – the stuff of love stories

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